I-35 Capital Express Program

As part of the overall Mobility35 Program, the I-35 Capital Express Program proposes improvements to 28 miles of I-35 between SH 45 North and SH 45 Southeast. It is made up of three stand-alone projects — North, Central and South.

Program Features

Helps relieve congestion by addressing four of the 100 most congested roadway segments in Texas

Provides opportunities for increased reliability of transit

Enhances safety

Enhances bicycle and pedestrian paths

Improves traffic management, operations and regional mobility

Improves movement of through-region freight

The I-35 Capital Express Program proposes to add one or two non-tolled managed lanes in each direction of I-35 from SH 45 North to SH 45 Southeast

Environmental study and design are underway for the North and South projects. They are expected to start for the Central project in late summer 2020.

I-35 Managed Lanes Rendering
This rendering depicts proposed improvements to I-35. It is for illustrative purposes only.