Environmental Study

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires that the significance of a project’s environmental impact be evaluated. TxDOT is conducting an Environmental Assessment on the North and South projects, and an Environmental Impact Statement on the Central project.

Each project is undergoing rigorous environmental study, which evaluates impacts to the human and natural environment, including but not limited to, traffic noise, the community, natural resources, cultural resources and hazardous material sites.

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I-35 Capital Express Central

The following draft documents are developed as part of the environmental review process. All of the documents are in draft form and will be revised based on the comments received.

Agency Coordination Plan

The Coordination Plan establishes a schedule and process for coordinating public and agency participation and comment during the environmental review process. View the Draft Agency Coordination Plan.

Purpose and Need Technical Report

The Purpose and Need Technical Report establishes the purpose and need for the project with supporting data and documentation. View the Purpose and Need Draft Technical Report.

Range of Alternatives Technical Report

The Range of Alternatives Technical Report summarizes the alternatives that have been considered in previous efforts to improve I-35 and those that will continue to be considered as part of this environmental study. View the Range of Alternatives Draft Technical Report.