I-35 Capital Express South Project Plan – South Boggy Creek to south of Slaughter Lane – Audio Transcript

South of William Cannon Drive, the elevated managed lanes come back to the same level as the mainlanes.

Another important feature to note is the braided entrance ramp on the northbound side highlighted in orange. Braided ramps are where ramps cross over one another, preventing entering and exiting vehicles from weaving in and out of the same lane. Northbound frontage road traffic would use the braided ramp to enter the managed lanes or mainlanes, while mainlane traffic would use the relocated William Cannon Drive exit to access the frontage road underneath the braided ramp.

As we continue south, I wanted to point out the red hatching you see along the layout. Red hatching represents pavement being removed. In some cases, these can be existing entrances or exits that are being relocated along the corridor.

South of Slaughter Lane is a northbound managed lane entrance, shown here with a green arrow. In the same area, you will notice that the northbound entrance ramp and southbound Onion Creek Parkway exit (226) would shift slightly from their existing locations.

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