Texas Transportation Commission Clears the Way for Two Major I-35 Improvements in Travis County

Today, the Texas Transportation Commission approved the 2020 Unified Transportation Program (UTP), which includes funding for the I-35 Capital Express North and South projects. The Capital Express program is made up of three, stand-alone projects – North, Central, and South. The North project proposes to add one, non-tolled managed lane in each direction along I-35 from SH 45 North to US 290 East. The South project proposes to add two, non-tolled managed lanes in each direction along I-35 from SH 71/Ben White Boulevard to SH 45 Southeast. Additional safety and mobility improvements are also included as part of the Mobility35 Program.

“Improving I-35 in Central Texas is a major undertaking, especially when it comes to downtown Austin,” said TxDOT Austin District Engineer Tucker Ferguson. ”By constructing the Capital Express North and South projects first, drivers will have alternatives, such as US 183 and SH 71, to bypass downtown during the construction of the Capital Express Central project.”

Managed lanes are proposed in high-congestion areas where right of way is limited. These lanes are designed to provide a less congested route than adjacent general-purpose lanes during peak periods for qualifying vehicles. Managed lanes control access by placing restrictions on use.

The Capital Express Central project proposes to add two, non-tolled managed lanes in each direction along I-35 from US 290 East to SH 71/Ben White Boulevard. Funding for the Central project has yet to be identified.

The UTP allocated approximately $700 million in funding for the Capital Express North and South projects from various sources.

About the Unified Transportation Program

The Texas Transportation Commission and TxDOT use the Unified Transportation Program (UTP) as TxDOT’s 10-year plan to guide transportation project development. The UTP is developed annually in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code (TAC §16.105) and is approved by the Texas Transportation Commission annually prior to Aug. 31. The UTP authorizes highway projects for planning activities, development and construction. In addition to highway projects, the UTP addresses public transportation, maritime, aviation and rail. For more information, visit https://www.txdot.gov/inside- txdot/division/transportation-planning/utp.html

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