University Project

Rendered image for Airport Boulevard
Single-point urban interchange at Airport Boulevard

Limits: US 290 East to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Project Details:

  • Add two¬†HOV managed lanes in both directions
  • Reconstruct east-west crossings to be widened bridges at: Wilshire Boulevard, 38 1/2 Street, 32nd Street, Dean Keeton Street, and Manor Road
  • Construct pedestrian-only bridge at 55th Street
  • Construct north-to-south U-turn and reconstruct existing south-to-north U-turn at 51st Street
  • Construct a single-point urban interchange at Airport Boulevard
  • Construct pedestrian-only bridge at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
  • Construct a pedestrian-only bridge at Capital Plaza
  • Constructing elevated red line crossing south of Airport Boulevard with pedestrian/bicycle access
  • Reconstructing red line crossing at 4th Street
  • Constructing blue line crossing at Riverside Drive

Anticipated construction start: Mid-2027

Estimated construction cost: $1.6 billion