I-35 Capital Express Central Project – Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Public Hearing Materials

For the I-35 Capital Express Central project, TxDOT is undertaking the most rigorous level of environmental analysis with the development of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Below is information from the public hearing and a link to the complete draft EIS.

The Notice of Availability and Draft Environmental Impact Statement with its appendices can be found at the links below.

Notice of Availability/ Noticia

Newspaper Ad / Anunico

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Appendix A – Project Location Map

Appendix B – Design Schematics:

Appendix C – Typical Sections

Appendix D – Agency Coordination

Appendix E – Scoping Comment Themes

Appendix F (Placeholder for Final EIS) – Comments Received from Public Hearing and Notice of Availability of DEIS

Appendix G (Placeholder for Final EIS) – Comment Response Matrix from Public Hearing and Notice of Availability of DEIS

Appendix H – Traffic Data

Appendix I – Scoping Documents

Appendix J – Community Impacts Assessment

Appendix K – Transportation Equity and Access Studies

Appendix L – Historic Resources:

  • Historical Resources Survey Report:
  • East Cesar Chavez Street Addendum to the Historical Resources Survey Report:
    • Final Survey Report and Appendix A (view report)
    • Final Appendix B and Appendix C – Survey Table and Forms (view document)
    • Final Appendix D, Appendix E and Appendix F – Maps, Additional Photos and Section 106  Consulting Party Comments (view document)
  • Final Alfred and Jacqueline Haster House Report (view report)
  • Final Emmanuel United Methodist Church Report (view report)
  • Final Palm Park Report (view report)
  • Final Robinson Brothers Warehouse Report (view report)
  • Final Walker Brothers Warehouse Report (view report)
  • Final Elgin-Butler Brick Company Main Office Report (view report)
  • Final Mount Calvary Cemetery Report (view report)
  • Final Town Lake Park System from Waller Creek to Fiesta Gardens Report (view report)

Appendix M – Protected Lands

Appendix N – Water Resources

Appendix O – Biological Resources

Appendix P – Air Quality

Appendix Q – Hazardous Materials

Appendix R – Traffic Noise

Appendix S – Delphi Panel Summary Report

Appendix T – TTI Evaluation of TxDOT Build Alts and Community Concepts

Appendix U – MIS Renderings

Appendix V – Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change

Appendix W – List of Stakeholders